Mr Godpower Otatohor

Director of Finance and Accounts


The Department of Finance & Account is one the Service Departments of Government and is charged with the responsibilities of executing Financial, Accounting and Budgetary activities in the Ministry of Science & Technology.

Finance and Control [Service Centre]

The functions of the Unit include:

  1. Preparation and review of monthly bank reconciliations for a project bank accounts; and preparing Statement of Expenditure [SOEs] for withdrawal applications.
  2. Preparing work-plans/budgets and cash flow forecasts in consultation with the project management and other projects officers.
  3. Participation in the evaluation of requests for proposals from consultants and bids from contractors, especially financial evaluation of proposals.
  4. Checking contracts, invoices and payment orders to ensure compliance with operating procedures of government, the World Bank, ADB and other donor[s] Agencies, e.g. procurements, special accounts, SOEs, special commitments etc.
  5. Preparation of payment order for all EDF programmes and projects accounts in Nigeria.
  6. Training of officials in focal States and NPC desk officer on accounting, programme  estimate preparation and EDF financial and contractual procedures.
  7. Keeping safe custody of database for all EDF documents, financial agreements, tender dossiers, etc.
  8. Review of the audit reports and management letters from External Auditors to the projects