Mrs Chjuka Selepreye

Director of Physical and Energy Sciences


The department of Physical and Energy Science is one of the professional departments in the Ministry of Science and Technology. The department is among the newly established departments following the upgrade and restructuring of this office from Directorate to Ministry on 29th September 2015, consequent upon the approval by Delta State EXCO.

The Department was created to carry out policy development, research and implementation of Science and Technology Innovations (STIs) particularly the enumerated below:

  1. Formulation of appropriate policies in the Physical and Energy Science
  2. Collaboration with existing Space/Meteorological Agencies
  • Monitoring and coordination of Research and Development (R&D) findings in Earth Sciences.
  1. Production of biogas and compounds for industrial use
  2. Encouraging the development of energy conversion technologies for sustainable power generation.
  3. Development, production and commercialization of solar energy in consonance with global scientific specification.
  • Supporting activities in the educational, research, medical and industrial laboratories.
  • Development of R&D, demonstration and deployment capacities in thermal (coal, oil and gas), nuclear, wind, biofuels, hydro and other renewable energies.
  1. Assisting in seeking partnership/joint ventures for commercial production for R&D production.
  2. Coordination of activities to ensure that other Renewable Energy policies derived from and are consistent with the National Energy Policies.
  3. Promoting the integration of environmental concerns in all development policies and ensuring public understanding of the scientific basis of their actions on the environment.
  • Promoting ST&I in recreational activities to enhance healthier and physical strong citizenry
  • Promoting competition and award schemes in ST&I among youth in and outside the educational system.
  • Facilitating programmes and schemes for mentoring the youth in career development in ST&I
  1. Ensuring the development of appropriate curricula to enable the acquisition and application of appropriate R&D skills in regular University, particularly University of Technology and Polytechnics.
  • Promoting R&D and innovative schemes for evaluation of green construction culture in Delta State (green homes and green cement).