Mrs Nkechi Chukwurah

Director of Science and Technology Development

The Department of Science and Technology Development is responsible for the coordination and promotion of Science, Technology and Innovation system for the socio-economic development of Delta State through popularization and commercialisation of R&D results, advocacy and capacity building.

 The Mandates Of The Department of Science and Technology Development

  • Technology acquisition, adaptation, development and promotion;
  • Monitoring the development of prototypes of machines, equipment and tools for manufacturing by TIC incubatees/trainees for commercial production;
  • Provision of consultancy services such for design testing, process/product performance, monitoring and improvement as well as training to TIC tenant entrepreneurs;
  • Assisting the TIC trainees/incubates to achieve set standards and certification of product(s) manufactured;
  • Assisting the TIC incubatees to register their products with NAFDAC, SON and acquiring patent rights and number;
  • Training of skilled artisans, technicians, technologists, engineers and managers for SMEs;
  • Establishment of a soft loan/grant system to enable S&T based SMEs access new technologies and upgrade their equipment;
  • Bring to limelight deserving Delta Scientists, Engineers and Technologists with a view to encouraging them and promoting their works;
  • Provide information on the latest innovations, developments and creations in the Science and Technology world;
  • Publicize the relevance and services of the State Science and Technology Delta Bank and enhance its relevance to the development of the State and Nation at large;
  • Development of strong linkages between Research Institutions and Industries/Entrepreneurial Groups;
  • Assist prospective entrepreneurs in conducting feasibility studies, development of business plans, packaging and marketing of the research results;
  • Assist in seeking partnership/joint ventures for commercial production of R&D products;
  • Assist in developing prototypes/pilot plants to demonstrate the workability and technical viability of S&T inventions;
  • Assist prospective entrepreneurs in accessing and obtaining patent rights & number, SON and NAFDAC certification for new marketable inventions and R&D results;
  • Participate and organize S&T fairs, seminars, conference and exhibition as a platform to showcase inventions, innovations and research results;
  • Use of scouts and other information gathering techniques to obtain R&D results/inventions from private individual;
  • Compilation and updating of compendia on all R&D results and inventions (including S&T Based Ingenuous Undergraduate student projects from tertiary institutions);
  • Establishment of networks linking the Ministry of Science and Technology which university, polytechnics and Research Institution;
  • Collaboration with Nigeria Institute of Trypanosomiasis Research (NITR)
  • Development Promotion, Exploitation of raw materials available in Delta State
  • Collaboration with (RMRDC) Raw Materials Research and Development Council Liaison office Asaba

The department carries out the Ministry functions enumerated, amongst these functions are;

    1. Science and technology policy matters
    2. Research on solid minerals/raw material development (including exploration and exploitation) and
    3. Agricultural technology
    4. Technology development, promotion adaptation and acquisition
    5. Industrial Technology/Energy Research
    6. Health/Pharmaceutical/Bio-Technology and Environmental Sciences and Technology.

The department also works in collaboration with underlisted centres:

  • Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) Warri
  • Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) Liaison Ofice, Asaba.
  • National Council of Science and Technology
  • Proposed Science and Technology/Business Park